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Learning to create HTML newsletters is essential

This course is designed to fit the needs and requirements of each and every person who is interested in acquiring accurate information about email content, design and coding.  The pieces of information are well-organized and they cover several main topics of interest including the differences between web pages and HTML emails, display problems with email software, email marketing basics and common coding issues.
Moreover, the course also covers various issues related to the creation of single-column, double-column and  multi-column email newsletters and teaches you how to use reliable email delivery services. How to automaticaly create email newsletter from your website content using wordpress and expression engine as well as two services that generate emails from your website RSS feed.

Nowadays almost all email programs are designed to display HTML emails which means that learning to create HTML newsletters is essential for the success of an email marketing campaign. It is the key the open the communication between you and your customers and thus you should follow specific rules and indications in order to make the most out of its potential.