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Things to consider before creating an HTML email

HTML is an essential instrument for building web pages and emails because it is free and it is supported by any browser. However before you begin coding a HTML email, it is highly important to be aware about the essential differences between HTML email and web pages. For instance, when it comes to HTML email, all the CSS are coded inline at the lowest possible level while in web pages, all CSS can be wrote down in stylesheets. Moreover,  emails use nested HTML table layouts and they cannot have javascript while web pages incorporate DIV layouts with CSS, jQuery as well as other useful effects. When it comes to images, there are also some differences given that in HTML emails image links must be absolute with images on remote servers while in web pages images can be relative.

In terms of fonts, HTML emails support a limited number of fonts while with web pages any font is possible through services like Typekit. Email software is not standard compliant but most  web browsers follow certain standards. Knowing all these differences can streamline your work when you start to design your HTML email helping you achieve faster your goals.