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Valuable resources for graphic designers

As a graphic designer, you must be aware that a HTML email is not an web page and that different  email software display in various ways an email. You also must understand what a software does with a HTML email  Unfortunately, there are few online resources which help you find how email software displays differently HTML email and CSS properties. One of the most comprehensive resources is which enables you to see how various features of a HTML email are displayed in some of the most popular software. If you have specific questions about whether or not a certain design or feature works or if you face certain problems with your email software, you will find your answers here.

Apart from this, is another valuable resource which tracks how various email software support CSS and HTML features. It also uses an acid test email, a single email that contains the most popular HTML and CSS. It is usually used yo test email software across a variety of HTML and CSS styles. This allows you to see how your HTML email will appear in different software used by the email account owners from your email list.