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The future trends of HTML email

When you start to design an email marketing campaign, you must understand various aspects of this industry and think about the future of email. It has become one of the most popular means of communication for a remarkable number of individuals worldwide and has had a stunning impact on the way that businesses successfully conduct their activities. However, email providers continues to improve their services in order to cater the needs and requirements of their email account owners worldwide.

One of the most important trends that is already happening is integrating social media into email marketing.   A growing number of companies and organizations have started to integrate media into email marketing, given that people nowadays interact through email, Facebook, Tweeter and other channels.  Apart from this, the next big change will be in typography. Web fonds allow web pages to show fonds that are not part of the core fonds , including with web browsers. In the future these fonds capabilities should also be available in HTML email.

Another future trend is related to video and email. Taking into consideration that today you cannot send video with all the email software and this situation requires immediately a solution. In the future all the email software should be capable to display videos. In addition, nowadays HTML email is somehow limited compared to web browsers but in the near future these two media will begin to converge. Email will always be popular so email providers will continue to improve their services in order to fully cater the needs and requirements of their clients.