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Explore the differences between web pages and HTML emails

Email marketing campaign is by far the most cost-effective marketing technique aiming to reach a targeted audience. Yet its success depends on more than just a message so a graphic designer must execute the most reliable practices of this industry in order  to deliver the best results. If you don't have too much experience in this field of activity, you should explore the subtleties of creating a HTML email and you can start by making the difference between a web page and an email.

Although at the first sight they look pretty much in the same way, when reading the code, you can see that there are huge differences. The web page appears on your computer screen through a web browser while an email can be open using an email software which is much more limited visual. When it comes to their code, the web page code is much more clean and easier to read and its styles are put into a style-sheet. The code of a HTML email is much more complicated and its styles are spread  all over the place.

On the other hand, most web browsers today display email almost in the same way. Things are very different when it comes to various email software which display emails in various ways. Thus you should explore these differences in order to be able to create a stunning email design which cater the requirements of your marketing campaign.