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Great content doesn't happen by magic

Email marketing is a powerful element of an online business providing a cost-effective channel to reach targeted clients. Nowadays, nearly every person has an email account receiving an increased number of emails every day. Thus the major problem is to stand out to your readers and the best way to do this by creating a noteworthy content. Your entire email marketing strategy requires a lot of planning and your content makes no exception. If you want to provide your readers enough great content, you need to involve some time and effort in planning your content strategy.

First of all, you must have realistic goals and decide what you can and cannot do. It is important to establish exactly the periodical frequency of your emails and stick to it. Remember that you have to integrate your content creation with the other business activities and this might be overwhelming.  Second of all, you should find a reliable method to organize your ideas and the best choices you have are calendars, spreadsheets as well as papers and folders. If you decide to use paper, you need a single piece of paper for each email you send and each piece of paper contains your story ideas and all the other details necessary for creating a piece of content. Calendars work pretty much in the same way given that for each day that you are planning to send an email you make the necessary annotations regarding the subject of that respective email.  On the other hand, spreadsheets have columns for each and every element that you want to track. Thus, all you have to do is to decide what to track. For instance, is would be wise to track story ideas, due data, publication date or the writer name- if  the content is written by another person. Clicks are also valuable elements that you should track, for they show you exactly how your content performs over time.

After you decide how to organize your ideas, it is highly important to find sources for your content ideas. You can ask your customers which are their preferences and interests, create a list of websites with topics of interest as well as Google news alerts for these topics. For better results, you can organize your ideas into themes. However, remember that content is king in the online environment but it doesn't just happen. It requires time, effort and creativity but in the end, it is definitely worthy.