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Include video with your content

Adding video to email is a very appealing option but unfortunately, it is useless given that just several Apple software allow users to play a video embedded in their emails. Yet, there is a way to include video in emails:

<!-- Uses HTML5 video tag works in Apple but displays a linked fallback image if it does not work -->

<video width=”640” height=”360” poster=”fallback.jpg” controls=”controls”>
     <source scr=”” type=”video/mp4” >
     <a href=””><img scr=”fallback.jpg” width=”640” height=”360” /></a>

This approach will allow you to include video, whether or not the email software display video. In addition, you may find that if you use Feedburner and you include video in your block posts, people who subscribe to your email RSS feed and use Apple mail will be able to see your video, click on your video and play it within their email. While playing video in email is impossible for most people, there are still ways to include video with the content. This works great because it includes a fallback image that can represent your video at the same size and width and readers simply have to click the image in order to see the video.