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Is Feedburner suitable for your business activity?

Feedburner is another reliable tool that can be used to send email automatically every time you update content on your website. The main steps that you must follow are listed below:

In order to find and copy your RSS feed, you can use Wordpress. Once you have copy/paste the feed, you have to name it and the feed address as well. With this tool, you can even receive several setting for your traffic statistics and execute a subscription management. You can either copy and paste the code for your website or you can add link. When people click the link, they will be sent to Feedburner and this will collect their email address. The last step of the subscription management is to have Feedburner send you an email everytime people unsubscribe.

The Communication Preference section sets the email “from” address and the confirmation email subject so whenever people give their email address to Feedburner, this will send them a confirmation email. The email branding page allows you to define the generic subject and title of every email that will be sent out whenever your RSS feed is updated. In addition, you can add a logo and you also can set some basic settings about font size.

The last step is represented by delivery options so you can set the time of day that Feedburner will check your RSS feed and when it finds new stories, it will roll them up into an email and sent it out to everyone who is subscribed to your RSS feed.