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How to add copy to a multi-column email design

The next logical step after creating the layout for a multi-product email design is to add copy and the process is straightforward when you have a series of nested HTML tables. The first copy added are the two pieces of copy at the top of the email which represent a link to a web page version of the email and a short note to the email account owners that reminds them how you got their email address and how can unsubscribe from your email list, if they want to do so.

The next bit of copy are the navigation links. In addition, after the navigation links, you can have the heading for the special messages of your email. Within the product table that have set up, you add each of the images as well as the name of each product and its price. Once you have a copy for one product, you simply repeat it for each and every item.

The final bit of copy is the company name and its address which are required in order to comply with the CAN-SPAM law.

<!-- product table -->
<table border=”0” cellpadding=”0” cellspacing=”30” width=”480”>
         <td align=”left” width=”130” height=”165” bgcolor=”#ffffff” valign=”top”>
            <p><img scr=”” alt=”products-modern-roses” width=”130” height=”165” />
            <br>Modern Roses<br><span>$39,99<span></p>
         <td align=”left” width=”130” height=”165” bgcolor=”#fffff” valign=”top”>